December 18th, 2011.

I never wanted to have children who would need to, in later life, apply more of themselves into understanding their father and mother, than their father and mother would apply themselves to understand their children in their early years.

So many move around with a deep heartache and a backpack full of stone on their back; did they ever love me enough, why did they do this and that, why did they say this and that, when this happened, why did they…

I want it to be so that my kids will never ever find reason to question their parents’ love for them, nor doubt if the support will some day seize. I want my love for them to be unquestionable, and certainly I do not want them to ever doubt that I love them as much as I do. No doubts in later life, nothing to hold them back. If loving someone too much should also hold them back, so be it, this I cannot help – for I cannot stop loving them so very, very much,


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