December 20th, 2011.

Still to hear from the staff at the new work place, having been promised a call and a contract within soon. I swear to God, if they screw me over I’ll haunt them at length. Can’t imagine they would, but I remember another time when I was promised a job and was royally fucked in the ass.

Playing out a lot of alternative versions in my head. Of this being a two-year externally funded job, what would I do with myself as those years ran out? Make another movie? Playing with ideas, running through my mind. What is happening, of course, is that I’ve found some time to spend at my leisure. So as I’ve begun to read again – Michael Callan’s Robert Redford biography – inspiration ticks in again. And notions of what to do with my time. In reality I’m trading money for time, and not the other way around, as has been the custom (which not to say I didn’t sit up until midnight yesternight, concluding some working business).

I’ll be happy when I’m out of the rat-race. Unloading myself, along with all the other passengers, at Noerreport, ever serves to make me feel like a lemming amongst lemmings.

Should become a member of a union, probably. If only for the unemployment benefits. Let’s see if the budget allows. Speaking of which, haven’t found an x-mas present for V as yet. Should do that today.

Looking forward to it, x-mas, and the time beyond.


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