December 22nd, 2011.

Created an account with Google, so that I might store all my – our – stuff online, as opposed to at this fragile home network. Uploaded all our pictures to a Picasa account, which was interesting in as much as the program automatically recognized faces in the images and I had to decide which to dedicate albums to, i.e. which faces I would find interesting enough to search for in later life. Family was a no-brainer, friends, not so much.  I.e., “who do I deem worthy ” with whom to spend my time in the – knock on wood – years to come.

Gearing up for the holidays. Took a day of sick-leave on behalf of the kid, jumping around like a spring whilst in V’s care. How bad of me. But who gives a fuck. After all, it’s Christmas. Did get myself other presents, though, notably a 51″ television from which to sit in my gaming chair and develop mobile applications I hope to make a furtune on.

Look much forward to the new year. It has the potential to bring a lot of resolutions.


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