January 8th, 2012.

Sunday. Got V back from their mini-cruise to Oslo. By all accounts they had a marvelous trip, and unlike their native country, the streets of Oslo offered snow, real snow. I’m told it’s even possible to get off the boat in Norway, go straight into a waiting bus and half an hour’s drive later it’s snow-clad mountains, ready for skiing and tobaggoning. I’d like to try that, some time.

Thus near concludes the weekend, of mostly babysitting Nicolas. Fuck, I near forgot if it was spelled with or without an ‘h’. That’ll haunt him at length, I’m afraid – sorry, kid. A bit boring at times, but otherwise a few days of laughs and good spirits. I’ll do this much better as he gets older, and his mind becomes better equipped at handling more complex strings. There’s little structure in his play, and I’m afraid I require that to be much involved.

Hooked up the new TV to the computer, reconfigured the latter and installed all the usual apps. Got me thinking – not concerned – about how connected everything truly is. If so desired, our lives are open to interpretation by all of our friends and some foes as well. What music we play, what travels we take, how our kids are doing in school. How long we went for the last jog! All sorts of things. One – I, at least – get to contemplate how one presents oneself. Think about it, if you knew all of your friends would know what music you played, would you play all the tracks in your playlist, or would there be some would be emitted…? I don’t think any can say of themselves they wouldn’t think twice about it, presented with the notion. All of us concern ourselves with our appearance. Which dress should I wear, what tie with what shirt. Now there’s a new outlet for those concerns, and it’s as much a part of us as our physical appearance. I’m for it, though, as I think it refreshing and as I’ve not much to hide it’s kinda fun as well. Makes me wonder how my kids will fare in this, eventually.


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