January 23rd, 2012.

Drove up with the company hardware, set it up with the company to which I sold it. A few hick-ups along the way, but nothing major.

It feels not like I thought it would, as the closing of a saga. If anything it’s still with me, a kind of continuous story; I’ll still be attached to it, for a while, even, it’s not a close-the-box-and-seal-it-shut kind of thing. If that’s how i feel about it, I guess I won’t be surprised when it’s time to help them out, and that will come to be the case.

Long drives, these few days. I feel great when I’m driving in the direction of Soroe, a bit down when I’m moving in the opposite direction. Staying with mum and dad for my few days here does help, but still I already miss the kids and V. I always sucked at being away from home, didn’t I. Driving the rented Toyota HiAce I’m reminded of when I drove in it the last time around, with the kid in the passenger seat, visiting mum and dad while K and V relaxed inside the Lalandia Complex in Billund, it was raining crazy outside. He got a good sleep out of that hum of huge diesel engine, that’s for sure.

Drove home for near four hours straight on the Sunday, couldn’t keep myself away. Every mile I got closer within reach of my beloved family felt wonderful, I had feared I’d fall asleep but I was coaxed on splendidly. In the end I the silence became too much even for me, thank goodness the new phone, an Samsung Galaxy S2, had a built-in FM receiver. Sent V an SMS message with every major city I passed, to get a smiley in return.

So great to be home. With my family, where I belong.


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