February 7th, 2012.

Bitterly cold winter continues. But soon enough it will fade, I’m sure. Minus 12 degrees celcius in the mornings. ‘Tis why my cough just won’t go away, I’m sure of as much too; just when it’s been an okay night of little coughing, there you go and breathe in those below freezing winds – and it’s straight back to spitting your lungs up. Won’t be better until we’re above zero in the nighttime, methinks. At least I’m still able to exercise, so I can’t be that bad off, can I.

Back from work on doing another 7 hours workday in lue of my fading company. I can’t think of many people who can do that, work 2 shifts in a row, then go to bed and get straight up for more work afterwards. Most people are lazy, then want an evening in front of the tv, or surf the web or play the xbox or whatever. I can’t remember how many of those kind of double-shifts I’ve done, they must range in the hundreds. As my company’s sun is setting, I cannot help but feel very proud of what I’ve accomplished, particularly in terms of supporting my family in their hour of need, what with V without a job and all. We wouldn’t’ve been able to make it without that work I put in, this much is sure. And now I’m where there’s a little money in the bank for harder times, and today’s work is but a last big push before it’s down to tying up loose ends until it’s out of my hands. For good. Still it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, most likely because there’s still those loose ends to tie. Beyond those, won’t know what I’ll feel. Happiness, relief, remorse, can’t say.

The new work is terrific. Lots of new challenges and roads I haven’t gone down before. There’s not too much from my previous work I can make use of, which provides me with every chance to learn new. And the colleagues are cool, so far. So good.

Little one crying now, must go. He’s been waking up every night for some time, now, maybe a transition into added awareness of his surrounding? Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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