February 17th, 2012.

Nico’s birthday. 2 years of age to this day, such a feat. He’s taking it all in stride, it’s great to see. Ever more conscious of his surroundings, every day a bit more. V made it a big thing, of course, and why not. Had planned to have a lot more guests, but many called in sick or uneasy about leaving their dog behind or what not. Was kinda glad they did – in the end I had to retreat to the basement, such was the level of noise. A basement, in these situations, is good to have.

All good at work. Landed well on my feet with a given job they gave me, believe I may even have exceed expectations here. A that was a good way to end the week. It feels already like I’ve been there for considerably longer than I have; a good sign. Getting back way earlier than usual, at half four usually, is equally terrific. Different times, they are.

Still a lot of work involved i carrying through the sale of the company. Have invested some hours in sending them off in the right direction, and will invest a lot more hours beyond those. But it’s okay, now ahead of me is a weekend of not so much work than usual, and in time those weekends will belong to yours truly entire. A lot of good things to look forward to.


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