March 5th, 2012.

So long since my last entry. Feels like I’ve been incredibly busy, but in reality I haven’t – not that it doesn’t feel like it, and I’m feeling awfully tired just the same. Work on the company hasn¨t seized, though, I’m still doing the odd writ or data checking. But it’s much down from where it was. The time is instead spent tending to the kids, of course particularly the younger. Built him a LEGO-table in the basement, we’re down there alla time.

New job is fine. Not too many concrete projects yet, but in time there will be. I like my colleagues, they’re easy to get to know. All around my age or more, which helps. I do sense some frictions, though. But generally it’s a pretty great place to work.

Family-wise all’s really fine. V thrives as ever, tending to her novel and her kids. And I myself try to cut down on the chores-list, which finally now time has been alotted towards.

So, yeah, no real reason to write an entry when nothing has been going on. 10 days until the start of the F1 premiere race, will look forward to that.


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