March 29th, 2012.

March seems a great month for getting stuff out of the way. Apart from the company, which I sold but which doesn’t feel like I sold it, there’s lots of emails in my intray I’m trying to clear out. Is working out ok for now, but there’s some sad tendency for it to fill right back up again. Eventually it will clear. Am trying to get the mobile trailer up and running again, patching the hole where the tyre blew up. Apparently V’s dying to go camping with the kids.

All’s ok at work. Not too much to do, and exciting stuff what needs doing. Tremendously relaxed atmosphere, no-one is running crazy with stress that’s for sure. Only wish I hadn’t been as much sick as has been the case. Hasn’t stopped me from going to work, but it sure does take a long time for this cough to clear my lungs. Same shit as I came across about two months ago.

Got a dog. As much as I did not want one, V managed to buy one anyway, with my money of course. I don’t know how the hell she manages these things, but there you go. Thank god it’s a pretty quite and relaxed mutt, and it’s good with the kids as well, they adore it. A King Charles Spaniel, ‘s what she calls it.

A quarter of the year passed and I haven’t as yet taken to the news-channels or newpapers or read any news off the Internet. And I even feel alright by it.

Lots and lots to do, but I’m bordering on the realization that I’m beginning to have time on my hands. What I do with it? Sleep from midnight until 7, which is added time in the bed compared to before. I drive K to school every morning, which I never had time to do before changing jobs. I get back and fix things about the house for an hour or two before sitting down for supper, then I’m the family man until 20-20.30 where I tuck the little on in. Takes an hour, sometimes more, then I work loose ends (sale of the company-related, or (too many) favors for friends). Or watch a part of a movie with V, taking the relationship to a whole new level as compared to the years past.

In not too distant a future I’ll find time to do something which I like to do, and time alone to do it in. Play a computer game, build a robot, read a book. Haven’t had a free weekend in years, literally. That’s family life, coupled with business-life, coupled with a full-time job, for you.


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