April 4th, 2012

With April comes a big – big – round of sickness with the kids. K is linked to the couch, having just completed her 3rd straight day of 40+ fever. N threw up this other day, followed by a bout of fever himself and so we’re stocking up on Panodil, disposing it as fast as the medical directions allow. Poor kids, and poor parents. Myself had a round of the shits, thankfully just one day of it. Still… What a miserable state this house is in. Had to cancel my visit with K to mum and dad, alas. Got a good call in today, though, they volunteered they made an offer for a house in Skals. Substantially below par, the bid, so it’s likely nothing will come of it – but a significant move non the less.

Would like to be able to fast-forward the next three-four days, till a time when we’ll all feel a heck of a lot better. But that’s not the plight of parent, is is.


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