April 19th, 2012.

Travelling 1. class en route to Northern Jutland, just yours truly. Doing a bit of everything that I love; coding, listening to music. Watching a bit of a movie. Dreaming some. Contemplating everything around me, which is a lot, from my window-seat. Conjuring up some stuff I don’t know why I haven’t long forgotten. In short, having a good time. On my way to visit with the folks and drive up to Hirtshals in the morning, to entertain those friendly people who bought my company.

Still there’s a lot of loose ends to no-where near my liking. Tidying up after the sale. Tons and tons of favors to do for friends, I do too much of that. But soon enough it will fade, V’s right in as much. She should know, as she’s holding all the cards in terms of allowing spare time to catch up with me. Am near completion in fixing the camping trailer, hopefully to her and my benefit alike.

K does alright by her school and herself. She gets so prettier every day, I don’t know how she’ll fare if she goes on like this. Beautiful girl. N seems to have found an extra gear of late, and the vocal performances are longer and more forceful in nature now. Perhaps he’ll even one day utter a meaningful word!

Job is fine, great, even. Am pretty much left to do whatever I fancy, in which ever direction I wish to travel. So no complaints here. Even getting paid for it.

And the legal battle seems to be near over; the opposing side called to offer their sentiments towards a settlement, which I – somewhat skillfully, if I may – negotiated to be 75% of the bill I sent them. So that’s a victory to me, if ever.

Thinking back on all that stuff I went through in the past five years, in regards to the firm, it seem utter ridiculous some of it. The hours I put in… The Aalborg-incident, nearly killed me methinks – still owe God one for that kind of favor, quite impossible to repay. The suing people for not paying, the times of the machines breaking down and doing everything again in the know that an entire weekend of your life is gone forever, I you could’ve spent it with your kids, doing something you’d enjoy… Those things. Being cheated out of a hundred grand by some schmuck who I engaged to sell the company on my behalf, only to have him severely insult the incoming bids. The fights with V, demanding my time where I had none to give.

I won’t regret selling the firm, and despite the above I only 10% regret having run it. After all that’s happened, I still declare it a resounding succes. Allowing me to write this from a 1. class compartment, and, more importantly, securing my family for a very long time to come. I would like to have some of that time back, but it’s not gonna happen so I’m gonna enjoy the next few years and the freedom that doing ‘only’ a regular 9-17 job will yield.

Cutting through the dusk, we are, in this Northbound-train. It’s a beautiful country. Where I wanna be, right this now.


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