May 6th, 2012.

To the victor goes the spoils. Have recently purchased, yet to be delievered, a 3d-printer, a laser-cutter, a whole stack of Proxxon hobby machines. I’ll soon have a regular machine factory running in the basement. The odd thing is this, I’m not really at odds with spending the money, as it holds a certain feeling of being well-deserved. Of course it’s probably like that method of old I always practised, I’ll commit to the purchase with the thought in mind that I’ll eventually make good use of it, not having the time just now… Did this ever since K was little and I started not having time to do anything I used to, I’d buy movies and books and just have them lying there, just knowing I’d have them in store for later would be enough to not having oneself question the tiny amount of spare time I had for myself, back then. Back then, and now. Hasn’t changed much with the years, I’m still ad odds with the clock. I suspect I always ever will be.

K’s at Disney Land with the grandparents (at V’s brother Henrik’s expense) so there’s time to make a lot of noise, which I did whilst breaking down the remainder of the concrete steps at the back of the house. They really did not relent in pouring down concrete, did they. Almost broke my back, or at least that’s how it feels, yielding the Hilti hammer. And now I’m done there’s a ton, well several tons actually, of rock to get rid of. But good to get done while the possibility was present. Soon must find a way to make the space into a terrace.

Visited with Thor and Rasmus recently, the first for a trip to the movies with him and his twin-bother Philip, a forgettable film but good company. With Rasmus I lend a helping hand in putting up glasvæv in his apartment, quiet a handy-man evening topped by pizzaes and a movie, another forgettable one but had good fun in his company, identifying and commenting on the numerous lapses in the movie’s structure and plot. Good to get out and see friends.

So, May it is. Next week will see the camping wagon retrieved, and V put in a request for a slot with Holbæk Camping on the 18, only some 12 days away until I’ll have the full weekend at my disposal. Wouldn’t that be something. I’m not counting on it, though, as time has taught me well in this regard. It does, however, signify a change for the better to come, when the little one is apt enough to handle himself more and better, so as to allow yours truly some more time for more cerebrally satisfying projects, in the know V won’t have so much work on her hands trying to look after him.

Summer nears. Am awake because I can’t sleep, it’s just beyond 5 o’clock but the birds are singing and it’s light outside. Getting warmer, too. Good stuff.


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