May 19th, 2012.

Offered a free weekend by the missus. My first in, what, more than a year. Making damn good use of it, clearing out the intray. One particular project finds me expanding the hobby-room, installing another wall-length table and shelves I got for cheap from dba. Now contemplate setting up the laser and/or the 3d printer I bought, but I’d better fix the accounts first. And the bicycle. And all that remains in my intray. It’s damn good to have some peace and quiet here. That’s my holiday, being alone for a brief while in the know I won’t be interrupted by someone/something. Sparks my creativity. Slept only four hours last night, napped one hour around noon. So much to do and, now, there’s time in which to do it. Got a call from her this other hour, she’s fine and so are the kids. Good to know, and good to get the camping trailer out and about.

Best hurry on my way, have things to do and don’t wanna waste time. Oh, got a call from the old man, they’re doing great. Still making damn good use of that Ipad I gave them, truly great to hear.


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