June 24th, 2012.

June 24th, 2012.

End of June. All official duties completed and I’m north-bound on the train, visiting with the folks thru the first two days of my week-long holiday. Got my magazine here, Internet-connection at the ready, some chocolate at my disposal, and an as yet un-opened parcel of goodies from cool components. I’m all good and set, I should think. Time for that Facebook update. Or this entry, or both.

A decent summer thus far, although the hay-fever is killing me. Drugging myself out, works fine so far. Although I’m getting incredibly tired at work, near sleeping across the desk sometimes. But who cares, it’s only work, right. I’m glad to report it hasn’t been the hottest of summers as yet, rather an English summer (wet). Happy, because it means we won’t have to worry about the kids getting sun-burn, always a worry – I remember vividly moving behind Kirstine all the while we went camping, to ensure all the time my shadow fell on her. How’s that for dedicated parent-hood. She and Nicolas are doing fine, by the way and for all I can see and say. The latter has begun to speak, which pleases me no end – was a little concerned, if just for a while. Turns out he has a great sense of humor; he’ll call everything ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ – the television set, the couch, what have you – whilst waiting for us to declare him in the wrong and laughing at us about it. And a great laugh, too. He’s somewhat difficult to get to sleep these days, though, still mainly the duty of yours truly. Although he’s yawning and rubbing his eyes out at around eight, the little faker, it gets to ten or even half eleven until he goes under. So I’m usually so screwed up and tired from pretending to be asleep that I just wander off to bed and fall asleep near instantly, at times ruefully contemplating V having the evening to herself before I black out.

Whilst on the subject of the missues, ‘Official duties’ mentioned above means V’s two forays into Copenhagen, first to meet with other fellow writers at Gyldendal and secondly to meet with her girlfriend Sheila, who had arranged a Tivoli trip for them both, which I guess was fine. So no bad conscience on my part, now, in looking forward to these next few days. On a sour note, Sheila’s husband Claus, who is great company and whom I had arranged to see in just a week or so, for a beer and a movie, is apparently not feeling mentally well at all, working tirelessly to recover his carpenting business and his mental strength after that horrible saw-accident. It’s her word on it, his missus, but I’m of course inclinced to believe her. A sorry story.

V’s birthday came and went, a close family affair involving her mum and dad. Got her an outside bench, a proper one at that, must remember to paint it and thus protect it from the weather. A decent day for her methinks, and this other evening went to the Pedersborg Præstegård for the annual Sct. Hans celebration, also in the company of her folks. So I guess we’re getting out and about enough, aren’t we. It’s good to get the kids older, both of them, even some time this week past got them both in a car and went spur-of-the-moment pic-nicking, followed by a walk in the woods. It’s important to do these things and I credit myself for maintaining this on my priority list. Which, incidentally, includes watching a movie with the wife once in every while, as opposed to retreating down into the basement to have some fun in my shop. So yesterday watched ‘X-men 1st class’, as she likes a super-hero movie and I do as well. Not the best one, though, but not utter crap either.

So, yea, a good time of mixed projects and other stuff to do. It’ll be on my retirement I’ll ever be able to follow up on all of these ideas and inspirations that creativity brings me, but, hell, it’s good to have something to look forward to, isn’t it.


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