July 4th, 2012.

I am sitting here in my high-chair in my work-room, looking around at tables where once filled with scanning equipment now sits a number of different machines, meant for a hobbyist’s toolshop and not a professional income-making location.

I don’t miss the work and I envy myself of these moments of clarity such as this. I have worked hard, now I plan to play hard for as long as I spent time working. So I have amassed a number of different milling and cutting machines, and what have you not, aimed at enjoying myself. So much potential for exploring and experimenting and simply having a good time, I’ll look forward to the next couple of years, methinks.

Though am not likely to forget the most important of things, second of which is good friends – have been seeing Kenn of my old workplace for a trip to the movies, and next week will meet up with Rasmus and possibly Thor as well. First and foremost look forward to seeing the wife and kids again, fresh from their camping trip to Kerteminde.

Setting up this work-shop is a treat that I can’t wait to continue to enjoy in a week and a half, my holiday week but once more V and the kids depart. For Bornholm, this time, where V’s girlfriend invited them over. That’s truly the benefit of them growing up, it gets easier for V to get out and about with them alone. Not that I mind it, mind you – took K to the movies this other week (Ice Age 4) – but I also mind minding my hobby in the basement.

Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day. How long has it been since I had to end every entry with those words? I recall at one time I felt the need – truly, the need – to ride across the bicycle-marks on the street in the same, certain way, every time. Either that or face bad luck for the rest of the day. Superstition? Rather compulsive behaviour from being too much alone and having my thoughts to myself too damn much.

Good to talk with Sis on the phone again. Can’t believe next up’s her 40th birthday, on the 28th of August. 40 years. I remember a few times of sharing America’s Top 40 with Casey Kasem  in the room with her, when Radio Viborg broadcast that great show. Good memorise. We went seperate ways, didn’t we. My extended period of loneliness have made me apt at adopting select friends into the family of my own, friends truly are the family one oneself decides. And she’s got a whole different life to live, sans kids. What’m I really trying to say, here…? I hope she finds the time to come visit us when the above occasion arrives.


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