July 22nd, 2012.

Got the missus and kids back from their Bornholm holiday. 5 days of blissful quiet for me, though sporadically interrupted by having to walk the  dog. I’m still not taking to it, by the way, it’s by far too noisy and sticky for my taste. But, yea, great holiday, am even sad to see it end. Did some work, watched a couple’ a movies, had Thor for a brief visit, talked with friends on the phone, and, most importantly, relaxed no end. Have been a helluva long time since I had such a quiet time around me. Got lots done as well, including starting on the new terrace. Seems a promising beginning, for one who’s never done something like this before.

K near immediately departed for her grandmother-sponsored swimming-camp – three days of daily lessons and free-fun for herself and her swimming-team, about to embark on greater adventures – namely graduating to the bigger pool. I’m all nervous twitches about it, it’s all about water and that’s a dangerous element. As she – and he – get older, I worry a lot more, suddenly. The history of our years together is much greater now, and thus the greater fear of something going terribly wrong… Dare I even write about possible consequences. One always worry, as a parent, I don’t think it’ll ever go away. I could do without it, I truly could.

Only decent thing about being a dog-owner (and thought it’s V’s project I count myself as owner, having effectively paid for the mutt) is getting out and about. This day even took to running two miles along side the fast-moving creature. Am horribly out of shape, my lungs heave for wind, it’s ridiculous. Bought a tennis-game for the wii, hopefully something which will get me going again as well (and got a treadmill for V, too, incidentally). On another positive note, walking the dog keeps me phoning friends to check up, so it’s cool for keeping in touch.

So, yea, work tomorrow. Not looking particularly forward, but it is what it is and that’s paying the bills, so… No contest so far.


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