July 27th, 2012.

Somehow ended up digging inside an old file-archieve inside a backup-archieve of its own. Stuff inthere alla way from the start of the nineties, I remember, matter of fact, writing journal entries and other stuff on my IBM 80386 Intel laptop, first I ever bought. And so it struck me how far I have ventured down into a helluva lotta different directions, with that of my given time. A lot of ideas to projects, some never executed, some executed to less than my satisfaction, some succeses, some more failures. A life handled to my satisfaction so far? I guess so. Makes me glad, I think, that I’ve put some effort into documenting these days past. It’s truly a vastly different set of activities I’ve undergone, isn’t it. Making a motion picture, studying IT, having kids, living apart, living together. Friends come, friends gone. The company, and selling it. Brings me here, tonight, when I’m here in my basement-room trying to draw up the plans for a first floor of the house to be built next some time next year. New job is working out kinda alright. Kids sound asleep. Terrace half-way finished. George Michael on Spotify. What kind of projects await me, in the time to come? I’d settle for half an interesting time as I’ve had so far. I hope I’ll be able to hang on to those backup-sets; should be good fun to shift through in another forty years time or so.


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