August 3rd, 2012.

Beyond work this day will be en route to visit the parents. Called them last night to inform them of our arrival time – and to sort of remind them that we’re bringing the dog with us, in case they forgot I told them. Which Dad had, I recognized in his surprised voice. Something triggered inside me and I was suddenly a youngster again, craving his approval. That probably never goes away with father and son, and I wanted to write it down in the form of this entry so as to better enable me to remember it, and be a better father and rolemodel. So remember, dickhead, boys wants their fathers advice and it matters like hell to them, so i’d better be smart!

Still trying to get a grasp on this social media; reactivated my Twitter account and have been using Flipboard to style it, along with my facebook account and other stuff. Will get to the bottom of it. It’s surely useful somehow, and either way it’s how my kids in time will operate so I need get on my toes and learn it.

Constructed a 3d model of the new first floor I’d like to build. The koncept model is certainly the easy part, I dread to think of the fulfillment of the project, what it would bring in terms of financial issues, spouse disdain, construction difficulties, what have you. But it would also be a fun challenge, and it would open up the house to the beautiful surroundings. And as you only live once, I have gotten to terms with doing it now rather than when I can afford it. How’s that for a change in personality, think of me 10 years the younger, I would’ve never approved of 3d model (it’s rather artsy) nor the plan entire.


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