August 19th, 2012.

A terrific weekend; got farther than I’d thought I would with the terasse(o) project, even if it was a very hot and humid day. That particular project has taken on a whole life of its own, I’m no doubt saving a lot of money doing it myself, has been a long while since I began and it’s only now closer to finishing. I’ll be happy about it when it’s done, though, even ‘in transit’ it looks gorgeus.

Wonderful Saturday, we went to the Bakken amusement park in Klampenborg, just the family and great fun it was, too. That’s really the best I got out of working my ass off, those years, wasn’t it – the know that I can always afford something like this, uniting the family and having a grand time at it. If that’s what wealth brings you, screw those who say money won’t buy happiness, I was very happy indeed to provide this for my family. And by all accounts they got a lot out of it. That’s great about V, too, she’s not shy about splitting up when it’s apparent one kid will benefit more from this, being able to try something the other kid doesn’t care much for. Good stuff. Hadn’t thought Nicolas would’ve gained so much from it, but he was all for it – riding the mini-rollarcoaster ‘the ladybug’ a heck of a lot of times, one after the other. And K had a friend in her class who’s been on the ‘Wolf’ rollarcoaster, thus she wanted me to join her and so we did – only to discover it was by miles too much of a handful for her, but strapped into the thing there was only one way forward – or down, rather, at neck-breaking speed. The expression on her face is one I’ll soon forget, instantly frozen and pale as a ghost and looking ready to throw up, screaming on end – hallejula. And when we arrived beyond the thirty seconds of kidney-shaking frenzy she was near desperate to get off, of fear no doubt she’d have to sit through another bout. Of course I complemented her on her valor, though I was near hysterics inside.

Boring Monday, now. Will see K off to school via the bus, her first time so I’m along for the ride, just this once. Am hoping for a quiet day.



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