August 29th, 2012.

Summer strikes back, at least for a day. Was pretty tired near the end of the working day, and had not looked forward to coming home to a house full of kids, what with V’s girlfriend Anja visiting, her 3 kids in tow. But as it turned out, Nicolas and I did some trips round the block, on his little red scooter and later on foot, a length one that last one. And so I got to enjoy the great weather and the equally great company of my kid.

I want him to have the happiest childhood ever. One where he’ll realize years onwards that he wouldn’t change a single day if he even could. One of happiness and safety, and feeling secure in everything. That’s what I want, and that’s what I’ll strive for. Nothing less will be my goal.



Stuffing my Facebook account with old pictures for the kids to ‘like’ as they get older and get accounts of their own. Has me studying old journal notes and such, and contemplating this, that if I had not made that movie, I would’ve never made a company work. Period. That single defining moment of creative labor gave me as much project-leading confidence as I’d ever require, and made good of when it came to establishing a succesful business. Good stuff.


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