September 8th, 2012.

Thus fell my 38th birthday, on a sunny Saturday. Didn’t make full use of it, of course, as there’s a family to tend to. Took N for a long walk slash bicycle-ride around the Pedersborg lake, big trip for a little guy but he managed it beautifully. Then V’s girlfriend Anja came to visit, I managed to escape for a total of two hours in the basement, watching the F1 qualy – about as much time as I got out of the day.

I wish I had more time to myself. Would’ve made the greatest present. What I manage to acomplish when I’m granted the time is not few things; I point to the terrace as a recent example. But it plagues me I have to take that time ‘manually’, or it won’t be provided – despite the fact how that time is never spent on personal matters, rather for the greater family good. I’m the sole income provider, and what time I’m given is turned into activities which help fund our family  – so why can’t she bring herself to organize around that fact? Because she’s too lazy, for one, and by her own account too physically frail. Still coughing a lot, and being taken seriously by her doctor recently provided for consoling. But I do wich she’d then up and take herself seriously, which is a stretch to say the least. First thing I would personally see to exclude from possible factors would be shedding the overweight and exercising more, of which she doesn’t now. I realize it must be horrible to cough like that for months, but why not take the body seriously, and set in where it’s the most damn obvious care must be exercised? I’ve shyed away from telling her, as I don’t want to provoke an argument and it’ s something she would never react positively to – there would only be outrace. But I must confess  I want her doctors to tell her to treat her body right. I’m no angel myself in that regard, but in my defence I don’t have the luxury of the kind of time she has to her availability, not tending to a day-job.

Never matter.

Lengthy talk with Dennis in the evening, whilst working on some trivial thing for Lars Huge in the background anyway. Great chat, hope to be able to hook up  with him sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.



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