September 17th, 2012.

Heard from the folks, they’re buying a house in Skals – even wrote their signature to the deed. So it’s a done deed, so to speak. How I feel about it, well, not as remorseful as I’d thought. A bit sad but I’ll get over it. They’re too old for such a big piece of land, and Skals will suit them fine, what with just ten kilometers to Viborg and not far to the local supermarket. And it seems like a fine little house as well. Basement has me worried, but if they believe they can handle it, that’s their worry and only mine a little… Ah, I dunno… It’s the house I grew up in, and though a lot of time has passed I still have most of my memories of being crafted into who I am from the base of that structure. A lot of childhood and teenage anxiety, most of it I shed when I got away from that place – so why the sensations of remorse? There’s part of me who wants to back and do it all over again, only with the benefit of hindsight. That’s only natural, I guess. But we do live by our mistakes, don’t we. I guess I want it to always be there to remind me of where I came from the get to here, now. In such a respect it’ll remain where it is, only it’ll be … changed. It won’t be the same.


To tired to go on about that now. Anyways in a month’s time or so we’ll be up there and do the tour. The pictures look great, let’s see if they do the actual house good.

On the topic of houses, sent my stuff to the municipality and do much hope they’ll return the compliment with a favorable initial review of the plans for the first floor. Ambitions plans, sure, but why not go all-in about a project such as this. Too many live in truly boring places, I want a house which resembles something different, something …. something me(!). Something just a little bit fucked up, i.e. Let’s see what they say; and, beyond them, the bank, the engineer, the carpenter… Will be a daunting task no doubt. Still hope I’ll manage to do most of it by myself, that’ll be such a great learning experience as ever I could contemplate.

All’s well, besides. Well, the little one threw his first true tantrum fit today, trying to push his mother to one side (difficult even for me), then banging on the door with all his might. And why? Because he was being unruly at the dinner-table and we therefore removed him. A bit too much for his frail persona, perhaps, and I’m sure the hissy fit was also brought about by other things – a heightned awareness of his status in the kindergarden (he’s one of the big boys now), for example – but it’s also about nipping it in the bud as far as we as parents are concerned. I recall having a similar experience with K, when she was about the same age and owing to the same circumstances, unruly behaviour. He’s certainly behind in his development as compared to his elder sister when she was his age; his language skills are not very good and he comprehends fewer things. I hope we were spoiled with her, and I hope as well that there’s truth to the stories of how boys are slower out of the box than girls, for I do worry sometimes if he’s generally a bit daft. Perhaps it’s – likely – mostly yours truly wishing he was a step further ahead than this current one, preferably at a stage where he can be reasoned with. But that’s a few years away, isn’t it. So here’s to patience and other virtues.

Much too quiet at work, there’s a lot of promises of projects which never makes it past the curator – my boss. So be it – I spend the time at my leisure and at what fascinates me, in the hope I’ll make use of it in the later grand scheme of things. So basically no complaints.

Tuesday’s up, then.


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