October 26th, 2012.

Cold outside, this morning. And so it begins. The kids have been sick for a short spell, the younger one to this day. One has the shits, another vomits. The dog scowls for the dump that Nicolas took on the floor, nasty as hell house. Think we’ve seen the worst, though, and I think about how one can count on two hands the number of times they’ll be this disgusting until they – he – is five years old. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s an afterthought from his shunt(?) ear operation, who knows, and cares. They’re in good spirits, which is cool. Went to see the folks this other weekend, them and their new house. Which has apparently seen a whole interior decoration and moving of walls and such since, so should be interesting to visit with them the next time around. Dad confesses to be tired beyond those working days, am glad they’re bringing in so much outside assistance as seems the case. He’s not that young anymore, although appears rejuvenated by the project somehow. Lend him some of my tools, glad they can be of help. Who knows, maybe one day K will attend the afterschool there, in Skals, and be able to visit with them from time to time. N was at his best behaviour and his usual charming self, it’s hard not to like him when he’s like this. Good to seem them again.

Lots of things to do and not much time to work. Saturday will pick up Thor from the station, he’s graciously offered his services in setting up a garage door I bought, second hand. Should be cool, will be good to see him again. Tonight will go to the movies with Kenn, catch the new James Bond installation at the Imperial, a very long time since I was last there.

All’s alright, besides.

Utterly intrigued by a girl at my workplace. Should I be able to confide as much, within these – my – pages? Nothing will come of it, of course, I’m too old-fashioned for having an office romance. But it intrigues me just the same, why I should feel this way. I’ve had it with very few girls in my time, where instantly something inside me will go click. And, worth the note, it’s certainly not the case of having these girls respond to me in a positive fashion, as some of the mentioned ladies proved, on my approach, somewhat lesser enthused! ‘The click of love’. I should write a novel. As I said and for some reason feel compelled to state again, nothing will come of it – but in a strange way it’s nice to know there’s a glimpse of romance and desire stored away in this beyond young life.


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