17th November, 2012.

Saturday. Went to K’s school and sat down with her and her teachers for a parent-teacher-student talk. As I had suspected, not a thing to worry about. Branded her a gift to the class. Which is cool. We’re doing a decent job, methinks.

Picked up a rather nice guitar that V got through local eBay, a fine-looking instrument. Agreed that it would be my christmas present for her – which I will hold her to(!). Then got back and took K to her swimming class, second one of the week, she really does like water. And she did very well, too, I was very clearly able to see from my vantage point of the cateteria (shoes off, ready to strip down and get in there in the matter of seconds, if need should arise).

Got back from that, too, and drilled some holes in the wall in the stairwell, meant for putting up some picture frames. Retrieved those from a box I’d put them in, for that particular use. That was 8 years ago, I did that. 8 years ago I got the notion, and this day carried it out.

What to make from that.

I think I’m going through a mid-life crisis. I have a hundred ideas and the desire to move on them, now, right now, but I know there’s not the time and I don’t get started. So I do nothing, and end up staring into the wall.

What the heck did I do with this year? Finished projects only: Put up a terrace, well the biggest part of it. And installed a garage-door. Oh, and the fencing around the back-garden. Other than that, well.

Don’t want to do the yearly round-up right now. I’ll just get myself depressed. To bed, now. Tomorrow’s F1 day, second-to-last race of the year. Should keep my spirits up.


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