December 26th, 2012.

December 26th, 2012.

Christmas came and went. And was pretty cool, too. Thankfully cleared that stomach bug, so was able to join in on the fun. Wouldn’t’ve been much fun moving and fro the loo. Grandparents came, food was dined, tree danced, presents opened. Santa made his appearance. A good time. V did great in caring for the kids all throughout December, I must say. At my expense, of course, and a pretty hefty price tag on the month, but, you know what, screw it, I won’t count the dimes this time. They loved every second of their december days, didn’t they, and so that’s the main thing. The spirit of Christmas survived, even though my wallet didn’t. Myself, got a really nice book on architecture that she got for me when she and K visisted the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Great find, was very happy about it.

So now I’m here with the folks, having initiated my traditional holiday. And the stomach is beginning to be good to me again, even after having shared a few beers with Bo in Aarhus. Good to see him again, he’s as interesting and fun to talk to as he always was. Anyways, dad picked me up in Viborg and we drove to the new place. Same decor, same color on the walls, same furniture sans a few big pieces. Smaller house, same people. Great to see them again. Talked about this and that and I retreated downstairs to pen this and relax before a long night’s sleep.

Look forward to tomorrow, when I’ll be joining Dennis and Mads for a New Year’s gathering. Deliberately tried to get Mads in on it, because last year was so much fun I deemed it necessary to alter the script a bit, so my expectations wouldn’t be so high as to render this year’s event unforgiving. No telling where we’ll end up this year, but will be great to see them again, truly.


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