January 5th, 2013.

2013. Took me two tries to not write 2012.

Stomach is back in full swing again. So now I’m able to interpret the signs from it, and act accordingly – so to speak. Being without that particular skill over the last week, as the diahrrer came back to plague me, makes one appreciate the fragility of one’s eco-system for sure.

Enough on that topic. Cleared New Year’s Eve alright, and it’s been a forgiving start of the new year. Cleared out many emails in my account, to leave only a few select ones. Work’s been alright, and now’s the time to look upon some of the stuff I need 2013 for. Most notably the SickSim training system I intend to release into the free-for-all wild.

Great plans for the time ahead. And now a whole, full year to look ahead to. Thanks for that, Lord.

In the evening took time out – at my suggestion – to watch a film with V. Forgettable romantic comedy, enjoyable company. Acting on her request that we spend some more time together, though for all intents and purposes it’s mostly yours truly doing something about that, not the notion’s instigator. Never matter – it’s a concern to her and thus something I need react on. A bit of something for the new year as well.

A good start.


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