January 31st, 2013.

And so the first month begins. Has been years since I was this lazy with entries, haven’t it. But there’s been much ado, and I haven’t been lazy. There’s work, of course, which is alright. Have taken strikes to improving my linkedIn profile, with the notion in mind that future work endeavors could possibly be determined by this effort. Am specifically going for a job in robotics, though I haven’t the skill-set herefore – but hope being up-front about it will do me some good. Well, that and my software knowledge. Have also made a point of doing a few tutorials on what I learn in electronics – sharing remains caring, and, well, beefing up my blog is also something which will get one noticed when comes the time to find another gig. No mention as yet of the extention to my contract my boss talked about. Maybe hot air, who knows. Any rate, this electronics stuff I keep going on about is really doing wonders for me, it’s fun and a true learning experience. Meddling with dad’s trade of choice seems somehow soul-fulfilling, don’t know why and won’t ponder it. Microcontrollers are hugely capable these days, and programming them will be the next thing for the months ahead.

Still sleeping in the same room as the youngest one, maybe I should try not doing that. But it’s been a time of him needing an adult presence, though he’s slept soundly through the night for the last few ones. It’s heart-warning to be there when he’s groaning and waking himself up, only to find there’s a parent lying next to him and so he blissfully farts and goes back to sleep. And sometimes turns to face me, which means his hand will emerge from the bars and make contact with mine, and I want to think he finds comfort in that, too. And I’m putting my hand on the radiator and confirming that it’s keep the room and house warm, and I’m happy in that I’m able to work and affort my family this solace of a warm house, with food and clothes and love in it. Reaffirming stuff.


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