22nd April, 2013.

Well… Two job-applications went out the window of opportunity; haven’t heard from either, and the date of talks are long overdue now, so that’s a ‘no’ from both.

It’s not as tiresome as would seem. Yes, it’s horrible to have been rejected like this, but it’s also a wake-up call to take the job-market serious… Due to the electronics-hobby and, well, of course running the firm on the side, I haven’t been updating my IT-knowledge and it’s about time I do something about it – while I still have some 9 months left of my contract, i.e. So now I’ll hit the books and get those certifications updated, and prove my worth with the community as well. That’s what positives I take away. With the crisis and all, there’s little time to rest on any laurels.

Do I regret quitting UNI-C? Would’ve been a steady job and regular income, I was even past the rounds of sackings and in the clear… I dunno, right now it seems to have been a dumb move but hopefully in time it’ll prove a good one. I’m certainly about to be kept sharp.

I do wish I had chosen a profession that would’ve been just that, a profession – and not a lifestyle. I do like programming and such, but I’d rather afford myself a hobby such as the electronics thing, as opposed to spending my evenings renewing my knowledge and sharpening my skills… But these are hard times, aren’t they, and I’d better keep up lest sell my house and have my kids starve. Just hope it’s not over and done with tomorrow, before I’ve had a real fighting chance to have had some serious fun in life – retirement will be the day for that, from the outlooks of it.

Though, V’s just applied for a job, here’s fingers crossed on both hands and toes on feet. I’d sleep much better at nights.

Bruised some ribs whilst attempting to hover in mid-air, securing a dog-mesh to the neighbour’s fence. Hurts not only when I laught and cough. Three weeks will see me better, but a dumb stunt. Too much garden work, even broke both the old spade and fork and had to spring for new, steel-piped ones. But all the work done now will pay off handsomely when the summer – and all those weeds – arrives.

Regular e-mails from mum and dad makes me very happy I got that iPad for them. Best investment ever. Will soon visit them again – Nicolas will even be near half a year older, funny notion. I really do visit with them too infrequently.


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