May 2nd, 2013.

I wish I had more time. There seems to little of it. Would I do right by it, if I had it? I’m continously inspired by all around me, but unable to act on that inspiration. If I hadn’t had kids I would’ve found the time, but I would also probably waste it, in as much as having kids made me realize how precious time truly is and forced me to focus where in previous, younger years I was all over the dial. And not a very good prioritizer.

Am pretty tired after a long day. So am probably in a negative mood, when I claim there has to be more to life than this. Am in a rather dull routine, methinks. Work, go home, be for the family, for the house, save up for a free evening or two once in every while. Where much time is spent chasing over-due chores.

Actually, yea, I’m too tired. So won’t write something I’ll probably regret. Brief talk with dad in the evening, good to learn they’re doing alright. Gardening, even. Will look forward to seeing them again soon.


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