May 6th, 2013.

Weekend ends. Got not enough done I wanted, but at least just a few of the things on my to-do list. Then some others arrive on the list, I’m screwing priorities and just resolving to get what done that meets the eye, or hits the mind. For instance spending the saturday fixing V’s bicycle, as she claims she’s going to use it a lot more as opposed to the previous two years she’s had it. Hey, at least I saved the thousand crowns plus for the bicycle-repairman. Meant I didn’t get the stairs for the terrace done, but in another twist of events at least managed to move a lot of stones around, adding weed-cloth to the garden to prevents the weed from erupting this summer. So, yea, story of these years, difficult to prioritize when I don’t know how much and what kind of time I have. Next up will start on not the kitchen as I’d planned, but instead fixing a new bed for Nicolas, as I’ve just been informed he needs. Prime example right there. Having shelved the plans to look around for a new abode right now and not for the next year or even more, well I guess I’m alright with not knowing exactly where I’ll need set in next time around.

Scheduled an exam on web development next Friday, just prior to going to visit with the folks the following Saturday. It’s a two-shot for the price of one so I can afford to loose it, and that’s probably the way it’ll go initially. If it does, I’ll know more about it and where to study further to pass it the second time (fingers crossed). Really do feel I need it, to go on the CV. Not being called for an interview with either of the two applications I sent out, well that hurt my feelings and have me a bit panicked about the future. So need to knuckle down and get on with studying, lest I fall behind. Should perhaps consider doing some small courses for the dev firms, maybe…?

Thor came to visit and retrieve my new Virtual Reality head set, glad I’m able to help him out with his studies. Great to see him again.


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