May 8th, 2013.

Studying up on the upcoming exam; not going well. Took a test-exam and didn’t pass it. Seems what I’ve been using time in studying wasn’t totally worth my time – certainly the test-exam revealed new stuff not described in any of the material I’ve taken to, blasted. And the exam is Friday. Ah heck, will take a different test-exam tomorrow and hope to learn some more, and learn enough, in time. If it fails, I’ve got a so-called ‘second shot’ for free, just need to take it before the 31st of the month. Really want this certification to go on my CV – think it may boost my job-chances, and a boost is surely needed. I’m not concerned with doing less than great, as long as I pass. I can always, and always could and did, pick up the pace when I’m in the workplace where it’s needed. The IT scene is one of constant change and I do have that tenacity to being not bothered to learn something new.

Tomorrow Thursday, national holiday – so I’ll get those steps to the terrace done, and fix the wall where the plaster hangs loose, and let’s see what else happens. I’ve deliberately taken to doing more stuff around the house of late: Nicolas is very keen on his mummy these days, and I’d rather try and fix something than urge him to play with me only to get the ‘want-mummy-treatment’.

Chat with Dennis in the evening, a hundred years since. Talked about going racing in carts when V and K are away for the Paris retreat, next month, and V’s mom takes care of N and the dog. That would be sweet indeed. Great talking with him again, been too long.


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