March 12th, 2013.

Visited with the folks, from Saturday to Sunday. Good to have it done and dusted – 4 months since and N had developed so much in the between, I wanted to show him off. Good to see them again. K and V went to the local pool and had a good time at that. A lot of down-pour meant the basement got soaked, and with it the clothes we’d left on the floor, so we had to borrow some off of them. Not the funniest of times, dad was a bit stressed out. And suffering from lack of breath from his lung condition, KOL or what’s the English word for that. Got the most of it cleared out, so was glad to have been there for that particular occasion, although fun it was not having our clothes soaked by sewege water. V made a deal out of in the car on our way home, particularly as she’d been in talks with my mum who’d confessed to her some of the trials of their relationship thus far, and he was in a foul mood and somewhat tight-lipped and that did tell, so of course she – V – felt sorry for my mum. But the reality of it is that they’re in it together and have been so far and probably will throughout. So what’s the point in looking anywhere but straight ahead, none of those things can be reversed. I used to harbor grudges and wanted to lay the blame for those way-ward years of mine, of being lonely and finding it hard to grasp my way in the world; but being in a lengthy relationship has taught me many things, and one of them is that it takes two to tango. And another one is that, quite frankly, my resources are limited and best directed towards my kids, not my parents. Or, put another way, I have my own life to live and weighy concerns of my own, without finding the need to take on those of adults and still able-minded people. They’ll work it out and God bless them both.

Having the exam over and done with – and passed colors, albeit somewhat shady ones – I’m able to focus on cutting down on the list of chores. Still so much to do, but I’m getting there and in the next month or so will have them more or less sorted out for the Summer. Ticking off boxes seems just the ticket, these days.


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