June 5th, 2013.

Ahh, June. Hay-fever. Not seriously bothered yet – but will be,  I can feel it. Anyways. Working away in the garden, in preparation for K’s barbeque-birth-day-party come the 14th. It’s good to get these things done, and I’m even getting some time I wouldn’t otherwise have in as much as V recognizes the temerity of the situation. So I’m getting lots done, and once it’s done this place will – on the outside, at least – be easier on the eye than ever.

Have managed to land some job interviews I didn’t plan on, so that’s great. Great that I can still put together a decent application that interests people. Look forward to going to them, the interviews. So I opted for security, didn’t I… Where’s the harm. Supporting my family, first and foremost. I was talking with one of our neighbours and she was, I was happy to note, in recognition of the fact that these kind of chores, mending a fence, are usually better left for when the kids are self-supportive. I was glad to learn that she felt this way, as do I myself, not only in terms of house maintenance but also in regards to the above, of lost opportunities; I could’ve thrown caution to the wind and tried to build a business around the virtual reality glasses, I’m utterly convinced there’s a future for this. But there’s risk involved, and I can’t bring myself to take it on as it’d possibly mean I’d have to put myself and that business ahead of my kids. That’s not my style. So security it is, as best as I can manage. Still studying in the evenings, when I’m not working on whatever the family needs, catching up on lost experience. Hope the job-situation clears soon enough, though I always told myself I’d really go for it beyond the Summer holiday, which is a full month from now on and three weeks in duration. So no stress.



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