June 16h, 2013.

Have progressed with one of my job-applications, to the second round of interviews, i.e. And the personality-tests, and the ‘show us something you did’ for the next show and tell. It’s a helluva difference from what it used to be, that is half an hour in a room with the boss and maybe 1-2 colleagues to be. Wonder if it’s for the better or worse. Guess time will tell. Wednesday’s the next date, this one with Danish Railways. Really would like that job very much. Hope I’ll be at my best during the various sessions. Meanwhile my present boss has set events in motion to keep me on full time come the expiration of my contract, so that’s kinda reassuring. He did take too long, though, which is why I’m now in this situation. I’ll be hoping for this application to come through, to be honest; it shoulds really exciting.

K’s barbeque came and went, busy busy Friday and am glad it’s done and dusted. All the girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Couldn’t quite relax during the weekend beyond as cousin Thor was here and thus I had to put up a show. Well, not as bad as that, but it’s different from being by our lonesomes. Was good to see him again, though, and certainly V and K enjoyed his company perhaps even more than did I. Late into the Saturday went to the movies, saw some forgettable ‘Fast and Furious’ action-flick at Slagelse, also good. His exam is up soon enough, good luck to him.

Would be nice to settle down into a quiet working week, but it’s not to be, V and K takes off for Paris come Wednesday and there’s the job-interview-thing to look out for, and an outing with Dennis after that. Should be good fun, that, so looking forward.


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