June 19th, 2013.

2nd round of job-interview over and done with. Didn’t go down too well with me, I’m afraid. Got the sensation we didn’t gel terribly well, specifically on the topics of stress, of which I confessed to having not felt much during my career. Trying to make a point of always being able to add more hours into the game, don’t think they believed me – perhaps I seemed too relaxed about it. I’d always rather work 70 hours a week than feel stressed. Anyways, I think I got under the HR bitch’s skin; she seemed right keen on exposing me, somehow. Not a great feeling, not a great interview. With my extention at my current job in place, I’m thinking I’m done for this round of job-seeking, to grab what I’ve learned and return next year the wiser from this experience.

Was great being out with Dennis afterwards. Dinner and a round of go-carting made me forget the previous hours for the remainder of the evening. Sadly he didn’t take to the carting this time around, either, he eventually threw up in the Metro, and over yours truly – for which he was quiet apologetic for hours to come, though I begged him believe I’s okay with it. Always good company – good timing to go out and have some fun this day.


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