June 20th, 2013.

Brief entry to inform myself of the guilty pleasure I got from telling the boss-woman off, i.e. the one who works for the Danish Railways company with whom I applied for a job. She was dumbfounded when I ‘fired them’, so to speak. Serves her right for dragging me through that personality-testing-sheit. Risky move? I’m not sure I would’ve been happy there, in as much as the job-description didn’t match the talks I had with them, thus I applied on the wrong reasons. Only time tells if we choose right or wrong in our careers… I’m content where I am, right now, and with the extension in place and the added attention from the bosses here, I’m hoping I won’t be eating my above words come Christmas-time… What to do now is to get all of the positives I possibly can from this experience, keep learning and making use of what I’ve learned and try to please people here in the same way as I did this morning, when my prototype-demonstration went very well indeed. In other words, keeping being the best I can be at work, as in all other facets of life.


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