July 2nd, 2013.

Entering July means having to be accoutable to the taxation system regarding the miniscule company I maintain less than activly these days. It’s a heart-stopping moment when you’re on the phone with your accountant and you’ve not the slightest notion which way it will go – a mega-bill to pay or a wishing-for-a-shooting-star-small-return. I’ve already paid a to me huge sum in pre-taxes, will I now have to go beyond that? Or must I get a second job lest we need move from this house? I don’t think V ever realized, or realizes, how much of a pressure it’s been to keep us afloat in her years of unemployment. I can only hope her upcoming job-interview will finally put a stop to that. Until then it’s trying to keep calm, waiting for the status call. There’s a bit of money left in the company account, I so very much hope it won’t be more than I – we – have and I’ll need borrow money to front it. Hate these moments; I should be more in the loop, I can do my math and it’s there in front of me, but there hasn’t been that kind of time, in any way or form has there been that kind of time.

So will keep my fingers crossed.

UPDATE: heard from the accountant in the evening – it’s that miniscule return I was hoping for. So we’re safe. Thank fucking God. Seriously, God, thanks. Truly appreciate it.


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