July 5th, 2013.

Visiting with the folks means relaxation time… Well needed, if I must say so myself. Am making a conscious effort out of talking some more than I usually do – as I have nothing I need to do (well, nothing with a higher priority at least) and it’s not often I get the chance. By all signs they’re doing great. House’s looking good, too. In the late afternoon they took me out for dinner, at the Bjerregrav Truck-Stop where I used to come a lot as a kid, playing the coin-up games there. It’s good to see the place going again. As it’s good to get up here and take a load off… I always get so inspired when I’m here, where the sky’s open and the country-side streches far and wide. Lots of open space, makes me want to come back here and settle down when I age. Build a house with plenty of space for us and the kids and grand-kids and V’s friends who’ll want to visit with her for a long time.

So, good stuff. Great trip up here, too, 5 hours made to feel like 3 on account of some action movie and a cold brewsky in stopping over in Århus. I swear, whenever I enter the central station there I always think back to the time I lost those data discs with the hardest week’s work ever, in Aalborg. I’ll never forget that. Forgettable, though, was the trip to the Dentist today. Kurt, still going though not strong, took care of two holes, one in each side. Serious work by the old man, at two thousand crown’s worth(!). So now I’m off sweets for good. Or something like that.

Resisted the trip to see Roum, despite the old man’s urging. Didn’t feel like it. So maybe I’ve moved on. It’s differet now, isn’t it. But they seem happy enough, at least when the basement’s not over-floading. It’s great to see them again.


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