July 28th, 2013.

End of july marks the end of my holiday. First time in years and years I made 3 weeks in a row; has been good for me. Got lots of stuff done; tended to the house and such, cleaned out the basement and then some. Spend a week with the family in a Summer house on Djursland, a bit of a long-winding affair mainly spent chasing the kid around, but, hey, time spent with family. Regarding family, did two sessions with the folks, which was grand, both. So, yea, good to take that time off. And will be equally good to get back in the game. Some – potentially – game-changing stuff happened; V got  a job, well she’s training for it anyway, as aide to a handicapped woman who’s paralyzed from the neck down. Apparently quite a hag, but good money. Now will need to arrange our daily life around it; shouldn’t be difficult, really. It’s close by and I work just a minute down the road – what could be more convenient. It’s funny; I’m immediately more relaxed with the financial future, I’m feeling the stress of having to think of means of income begin to fade. I guess it’s something to enjoy while it lasts, who knows how it’ll go. While on the topic of my wife, here’s a shout out to my scheme to introduce more intimate contact between the two of us, it’s going grand, by my own account. I realized I couldn’t demand more contact between us if I didn’t step up my game, so I re-introduced random hugs and kisses and touches and feels. Sometimes it’s so easy to let a day slip on by, without even really seeing each other at all. Well, it’s a marriage, not a friendship, so I’ll treat it as such and will remember to keep it that way.

Dennis called in, late in the evening. Back from his week of filming with Mads. It’s great, this, to have friends call and want to share good news. All went well for him, by his own account. Good stuff.

That it? 3 weeks gone by. Good heavens. Tomorrow Monday, week starts, work starts. Good to get back in there.


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