August 19th, 2013.

Monday, August 19th, 2013.

K feeling under the weather – probably to two weekend days’ worth of getting to bed around 23, on account of having a girlfriend for sleep-over. Thought it was too much, but she was resilient in her request for’t and she’s getting to be that age where these things matter much, the social circle becomes important. So we’ve decided to let her at it and to the extent possible let her make her own choices, basically keep an open house. Cleared a room in the basement for them, added a multi-media box with Netflix access – didn’t hear from them much, so not a big issue there.

Long weekend with the kid for company. Did manage to teach him how to play Bubble Bobble, though, which was great, was happy I built that arcade machine. Will have some happy hours there I’m sure. But really a long weekend in regards to keeping him honest, should’ve made more use of time for other purposes. Though which is worthier than being with your kid? Double-edged sword. I’ve gotten to sense when’s the good place to stop and leave it to V; usually when she’s past her mid-noon I-don’t-know-why-I’m-so-drowsy-! nap.

Sold the moped – thank the Lord. Some youngster and his dad came along and drove off with it, at a reasonable price. Very impressed with him, the kid – by his own account he hadn’t been on a moped before, let alone one with motorcycle gearing, but he just got on it and got on with it – amazing. Contrast that with yours truly trembling with nerves in merely taking it to the gas-station for a re-fill! Doing 80 km/h down main street got me shaking, but I made it home alive and really rather sorry that I had to part with it now, in as much as it also made me feel alive and vibrant. So I thinking it’s time to rearrange the garage and bring out the old one I own, and see if I can get it to start again.

Thor came out for a visit, to hand back those pieces of hardware I’d lent him. Good to see him again. He’d just terminated his home Internet-connection because he found himself slacking in spades – rather extreme measure to take, methough, but hats off. Still think he should find some technology that would make him itch to study that, as opposed to his friend’s whereabouts-updates on Facebook. Like me with my electronics stuff.

Doing HK’s salary-statistics online thing again this year, spend parts of the Sunday picking up from where I left off last year. Good one to have in my references.

New week begins here, now, with a seminar for the IT-department, includes one overnight stay at some mansion, thankfully near by. The kid’s back in Kindergarten, so V should be alright, though. Will be going through the motions, it’s not a gig meant for me at all, but can’t not go. So loaded a movie on the laptop and there’s a book on pragmatic programming I need to finish.


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