August 24th, 2013.

Read an interesting article I was referred to by cousin Philip, courtesy of his Facebook stream, about introverts; of whom I identify, and always have. The article mentions how they appear attracted to extroverts, which is rather striking, V considered. I always felt just a trifle guilty when she took the kids elsewhere for a weekend or such, so as to allow yours truly time to recover and be alone with my thoughts and projects. Although, it must be said, it wasn’t exactly every other weekend, rather they have been some apart over the years. But, anyways, I was always thinking of it in terms my own condition (for lack of a better word) – yet I have found that she doesn’t crave time to herself as much as do I, even reveling in the company of whomever she can share her life with, friends, students, family. So my guilty-feeling days are officially over, having read that and realized this (in honesty, methinks they were over some years ago, when she stepped away from the job-market and chose to stay at home, some 6 or 7 years ago now).

She’s on Funen now, incidentally, where I’ll join them tomorrow for a birthday celebration, her grand-mother’s eighty-something. Still going very strong indeed.

It’s getting colder, I realize as I walk the dog for her morning shit. That’s good – I operate much better in colder conditions, 14-15 degrees and I’m at my optimal. Have sub-consciously been looking forward hereto. Good stuff.


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