September 1st, 2013.

Ploughing ahead in the tradition of short entries…

Brief chat with Dennis in the evening. Talks of new opportunities for him, which is great. It’s this great thing about good friends, they [by having them] force you to consider things from a different perspective than one’s own navel. I’d go bonkers without that external stimulis. It’s a small world in that sense that it’s ease to deceive oneself regarding a life of complacency, if all you ever hear is your own voice there’s hardly any effort in committing oneself to any path the mind will wander.

Stupid, ineffective day. Had to fix a computer for the auto mechanics’ but failed miserably. Failed in pretty much everything today. One of those shitty days that just needs to go away as soon as possible.

Nice letter from mum, though. Lone mentioned she’d expressed desire of an iPad of her own, thus I will get them one and install it when I get there later next month, is the plan. Will say it again, ‘s damn great to see her/them take that kind of technology to daily use. Will make it easier for all of us as they get older.


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