September 4th, 2013.

Horrible news of a ten-year old girl’s death in Copenhagen. Mowed down by a truck, right-swing accident. Moves me to tears and anxieties, always, that kind of news. When you have a 9-year old at home, just starting out making her way in traffic…

At some point you realize you can’t always be with them, your family-obligations draw you towards work, to pay the bills. So you won’t be there to keep an eye out. So you must trust your fellow citizens to not want to kill a child by malice. But how about the drunk drivers, and the ones not paying attention because they’re late for work…?

So you realize that life is basically fuelled by chance, that whatever time you get is luck. And you try and appreciate it more, disregarding how you need to hurry to catch up, and grow some faith. But there’s always worrying. I wonder if mum worries about me, now, I’m thinking ‘no’. Must try and ask her that, when she stopped – if ever. With those kind of stories in the daily news, I know I shall be looking forward to that myself. Poor, poor girl, mother, family. Can’t bear to think about it.


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