September 9th, 2013.

Quiet birthday, yesterday. Got a big framed photo of yours truly, go-carting. Good stuff. Later in the day watched the F1 race, Monza, by my welcome lonesome as V took the kids with her on her visit to her girlfriend’s. Made for a more than decent birthday, got quite a few to-dos done and dusted. Notably, hanging and lighting the Eiffel Tower lamp I’d made for K. Though, I messed up and sent 220v through the poor microcontroller and led strand, brought the house power down and saw 300 bucks fly out the window… Don’t know what I was thinking, probably wasn’t at all. But thankfully I had spares, so now it’s lighting up like there’s no tomorrow.

Took a day off to go to a job-interview, with some nice folks at our national Parliment no less. Was honored to be one of 5 applicants picked for a chat, this out of some alledged 68 people – wauv. So that’s something I’ll take with me if it comes to naught. There’ll be a second round of talks, a test of some sorts – would very much like an opportunity to make my most of it, there’ll be a call coming soon, turning me down or firing me up. They seemed like genuine, nice people, and the work sort of interesting, too. Telling all I know to keep their fingers crossed for me, worked out so far so let’s see how far I can take it.


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