September 15th, 2013.

Survived the weekend at Lalandia. Barely. Felt pretty tired near the end, but what’s to be expected when it’s the kids’ game, all those activities. So that’s not too bad, and they sure had a blast they did. So that’s good and true. Still, the premise doesn’t hold true. Of a tranquil family time, that her mother wants to promote with these kind of things. Let alone letting her younger, mentally handicapped brother pay for it all, through his books, then she spends a lof of time pestering him about the noises he makes. I have no idea why she insists of talking to him in ’cause-and-effect’ terms… “If you keep that up…”. He’s got the mental capacity of a 7-8 month’s old. Brought a lof of childhood-trauma back to V, which was hard and sad to see. She likes to be close to her kin, but not like this. There’s so much buried there, it’s not some that’s possible to ever redeem. It would’ve been a different matter if it’d been just them and us, no younger brother, no grand-mother. Have in mind to complain some more, given the privacy of these pages, but there’s actually little sense in it. It hasn’t changed between them for the last 20 years, and there’re no signs it ever will. So, yea, tried to make the best of it. Escorted the kid through the play-land, much to his delight and my physical strain. And the water-land, of course, and what not. Slept like crap, then went through the same paces on the second day. Did manage to take K out on the bespoke Lalandia-town in the evening, on our trip to the local games-room, that was great fun for both of us. She made the ice-skating ring, too, I sat in the bleachers having tried it and failed utterly to maintain my balance on those damn things… Little bit too little and too late and too many on-lookers for my taste.

Pretty tired near the end of the day: did the playland with N, then the 150 km drive home, which included a therapy-session with V, crying on account of her lost youth. Got back and she throws herself on the couch and I’m tending to N, in and by itself a bit of a chore that wears me down in spades if I’m not the peak of my energy reserves. Then, last thing, working some three hours on the yearly HK research thing. Good gig, wish I’d had more of the weekend to tend to it.

All in all a weekend to forget, had it not been for the kids and their smiles and laughter. And a longer than usual talk with Sis. Will do me very good to get back at work, now.


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