September 19th, 2013.

September. Tomorrow going for a second round of talks reg that job with Parliment. Tried as best I could to prepare in the afternoon; haven’t the slightest idea how I will fare, or what the session will be all about, but where’s the harm in trying to prepare for it anyway. I’ve set myself up for a bit of a let down if I don’t get it; I really want it, try as I might to not sell the skin before the bear is shot – Danish proverb. Feel the need to get out of here, this town, this job, this house, if only for a while. I need to be soon making money again, and that’s not possible in the current setting. Plus I feel as if this could be the job that sees me exit my first career.

Autumn still has not lend me the time to cut the hedge, nor paint the terrace – what a bummer. Was out with N on the trampoline (which I’ll soon need dismantle) which was covered in fallen leaves. Soon it will be much cold in the mornings. Looking forward to it.

Wasn’t I the one just this past year’s September thinking about expanding the house, in some horrendous plan of architecture? Don’t know what the heck I was thinking. Money’s tighter than ever. Ah, to hell with it.


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