September 22nd, 2013.

Reading ‘Jobs’ by Walter Icsaacson. Very well written and intriguing. It’s a great history of the start of the tech-age, Silicon Valley – good stuff. I’m not on par with the subject matter, though; Steve Jobs as a man was all about style over function, whereas I’m – no comparison! – completely the opposite. Who cares how it looks, if only it works. It’s an exaggeration, of course, I do care about looks, but I’d always go with function over form. But a great read.

Did the second interview, as I were invited for, with the Parliment-job. Didn’t do well – there was a bull-shit test that basically required me to read out some documents aloud, I was not at all tuned into that kind of simplicity and thought they needed some grander scheme. So I was fumbling, and they had to lead me to the right – right simple – answer. Not good. They were cheerful enough, and I managed to bring a smile into the room, but I’d think I didn’t make a great impression and remain sorry fort’. Crap.

Money trouble rears its head again. Will have to pay company surplus in advance, and have had it estimated greater than it will be – so will, for the last three months, pay a hefty sum each month. Will basically drain out the company account, only for me to – presumably – be reimbursed at a later point. So – is that it? The stop of the money-flow? It’s hard to predict the kind of liquidity we have. It’s a shitty situation. Have it in mind to close the company down, and avoid these kind of ‘surprises’. But we need the money. I myself need to be making more money. It’s a crappy, sad situation, and I – frankly – hate it.


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