September 25th, 2013.

Piece of good news in the mail – I got the job I applied for, with the Parliement IT department. Beat out 68 other guys (presumerably they were guys) for it – feel a bit proud of myself. Will embark on a new job-path, then, on the 1st of November at the latest. 68 others. Ain’t that something.

Played ‘My Way’ in celebration. Had thought to save that particular piece of music towards some grander achievement. But I’ve become a little too grounded, now. That was actually a question on the meet-and-greet, i.e. the second round of talks in regards to the above-mentioned job, about my personal aspirations. To which I submitted to have none left. Well apart from being the best dad in the world, of course. Is that really it, then, the end of my ambitions? I think it is, yes. I don’t really see where I’d find the kind of stamina and determination for better than I do. Sure it’s a long life, but distractions abound in terms of kids and family and jobs and chores and surer-to-succeed-than-writing-screenplays hobbies, so, no, I haven’t the time. Or the heart, some would say, and they would be right. I feel very much settled in, if you will. And it’s not the best of times in many regards, whereas in others it’s the best of times…

So where’s the harm.


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