September 28th, 2013.

Preparing myself to hand in my resignation the day after tomorrow. Have no moral ambiguities about that; he’s the kind of man, my boss, who’d drop me in a heart-beat if the budget so required. So, for the second time in my ‘official’ career I’ve come up with a different means of living. That’s just taking care of my end of business. I’m less the ambitious one, rather anxious to not loose my stride and footing in an ever-changing IT world. I’d even like to credit myself with that.

I sometimes come back to ponder how in that my career I’ve actively sought to alter my path, in as much as trying to guess which direction the world would turn. Well it’s turned out, the world and my path, alright thus far. Moving towards the internet as platform surely was the best choice, and will be for the foreseeable future. All else from here is simply adopting to selecting the icing on the cake, the distribution-format is pure at this point. It does bring me a bit of pride to consider how I was willing to nurse those thoughts, and act upon them, in the best interest of my children and myself. There will be some, many, who needs be forced into reconsidering their chosen career path, as it no longer suits the best interest of the country they live in.

Reading ‘Jobs’ by Walter Iscaason, it’s a great read. One thing that strikes me about it, about the history of the brand of Apple and where it’s at today because of that history, is how so many decisions were made on the basis of personal ego. I.e. key decisions which have had great effect on many of the ways we use computers and smartphones and peripherals today. Corporate ego, all around. I guess they were within their rights.


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