October 20th, 2013.

Got V and the kids back from their Funen-bound weekend. Has been a great weekend for them and for myself. Got time to relax and perform only the duties I deemed worthwhile. Included watching ‘V for Vendetta’ and playing ‘Dishonored’. So my entertainment-account is about full, which is great. Later on worked on the livingroom, cladding the walls in filt so as to prepare for painting. Removing that door into K’s room, re-locating it to the hallway, has left some scars that needs covering. The room’s propably the better for it, and at any rate at an escalated age she’ll enjoy being able to get back from school and trot to her room without having to trespass on the boring grown-up’s domain. Now remains tearing down a wall and building another one, to make N’s room slightly bigger. Hope to have it all done by Christmas, where the harsh econimic reality should have begun to set in… Have prepared V fort’ as much as seems humanly possible, and did a bit of budget talk in the evening. Will be an exercise, that’s for sure. Hope we’ll prevail and the kids won’t suffer much; there’re bound to be disagreements and bickering on occasion. What can one do.

Long chat with sis in the evening, some three quarters of an hours’ worth. Mostly yours truly complaining about his less than fiscally gratifying spouse, I’m sorry to say. She’s very supportive, sis, and that’s great. I can always to go her for help, if I need it. In a few weeks or so her hubby goes skiing for a week, so she’s invited me to dinner and a stay at a fancy hotel in Copenhagen, which will be really cool. Look forward to that.



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